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The Very Reverend Dr. Chad Hatfield, PresidentThe Very Reverend Dr. Chad Hatfield, PresidentAs the President  of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, I welcome all of you who are exploring our seminary.  

Here, both faculty and students – male and female, single and married – live on campus to worship and study together, providing the best environment for the study of theology and the formation of future priests, theologians and other co-workers of God.

St. Vladimir’s embraces the challenge of serving the Church and the needs of Orthodox Christians in the 21st Century.  Time brings change but the Truth of the Gospel is eternally unchanging; adjustments must be made to engage a rapidly changing world, but without sacrificing that which is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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"St. Vladimir's seminarians are expected to undertake the task of the Fathers of the Church, viewing everything in the light of Jesus Christ and His gospel, as proclaimed by the Apostles, according to Holy Scripture." - The V. Rev. John Behr, Dean