Employment Opportunities

Are you interested in working for St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary?
See a list of open faculty and staff positions below with instructions on how to apply.

Faculty Positions

Dr Ionut Alexandru Tudorie

Being part of St. Vladimir’s Seminary faculty is and feels both similar to and different from working at any college or university. The triad of scholarship, teaching, and service will, of course, be similar. But the stakes—and joys—are higher here, because we are mindful of the task entrusted to us: to train future priests, catechists, lay leaders, and scholars, focusing on both academic rigor and spiritual formation. We learn together, but also live and worship, fast and feast as a community dedicated to this goal. It is truly a blessing to labor meaningfully at the confluence of Church and academia. We hope you will consider joining St. Vladimir’s!

-Dr. Ionuț-Alexandru Tudorie, Academic Dean



Staff Positions

The Very Rev. Dr. Chad Hatfield

What does it mean to work at St. Vladimir’s Seminary? On a daily basis we use our education, training, and professional experience to help our school prepare priests and lay leaders to serve Christ and His Church in the United States and around the world.

The work of St. Vladimir’s Seminary is vital, and the Seminary remains renowned all over the Orthodox world and beyond for its excellence in theological education and formation. Work in the nonprofit sector is by nature filled with distinct challenges, but our contribution to the important mission of St. Vladimir's brings with it unique blessings and opportunities to serve others that you won't find easily in any other environment.

I hope you will consider joining us as a member of our faithful and dedicated staff, for the glory of God!

-The Very Rev. Dr. Chad Hatfield, President