Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Ordination of Dn. Nicholas Roth in Three Hierarchs ChapelOrdination of Dn. Nicholas Roth in Three Hierarchs ChapelSt. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary is a graduate seminary purposefully committed to the development of all levels of ecclesiastical hierarchy, clergy and laity within the Orthodox faith who serve Christ through a multitude of ordained, missionary and evangelical ministries. This preparation is formed by academy level theological studies, scholarship, practical liturgical worship and ascetical effort. Through a vibrant Pan-Orthodox communal experience which fosters lasting bonds, personal and spiritual life develops firmly anchored in the Scriptures, Apostolic Tradition, and Patristics.

Our commitment to the pastoral formation and critical appropriation of the Orthodox Tradition is articulated through intellectually demanding and doctrinally sound curriculum. By the grace of the Holy Spirit and guidance of accomplished, notable faculty, and publications by SVS Press, we cultivate successive generations of Orthodox apologists, scholars, clergy and laity who nurture a transformative vision which infuses our faith, society, and culture for the sacramental life of the world and salvation in Christ.