Below are podcasts from St. Vladimir's Seminary faculty and staff.

Datesort icon Episode Podcast Description
October 29, 2014 Orthodox Christian Laity Open Forum

Orthodox Christian Laity hosted an open forum at St. Vlad's on the work of the Episcopal Assembly. Speakers included Alexei Krindatch, Bishop Michael of New York and New Jersey, and Archbishop Nathaniel of the Romanian Episcopate.

October 23, 2014 God Is In Control - Revisited

Fr. Tom returns to the subject of his recent episode "God Is In Control. Yes or No?" He responds to the listener feedback and clarifies his thoughts on the subject.

October 16, 2014 Bishops - Part 53: The Impact of the 19th Century on Clergy and Laity

Last time, Fr. Tom talked about the Ottoman Empire and its demise. Today he reflects on the impact of Turkish rule on Orthodox clergy and laity.

October 8, 2014 From Scroll to Book to Net: The Web of Knowledge

Dean The Very Rev. Dr. John Behr, author of academic, popular, and spiritual works, presented the keynote address at this year's Education Day at St. Vladimir's Seminary. Fr. John highlighted the symbiotic relationship between Christianity and books, and described how the development of the internet has changed the way people read.

October 6, 2014 God Is In Control - Yes or No?

We hear the phrase "God is in control" and may even use it from time to time when trying to make sense of a difficult situation. Fr. Thomas Hopko evaluates that phrase and challenges us to rethink it.

September 23, 2014 Bishops - Part 52: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Fr. Tom takes up his series on the bishops and structure of the Church and moves to the 19th Century fall of the Ottoman Empire.

September 18, 2014 Fr. Tom Reflects on Kevin Allen’s Retirement

As many know, Kevin Allen recently announced his retirement from his interview program, Ancient Faith Today. After listening to an interview Ancient Faith Radio did with Kevin announcing his departure, Fr. Tom shares his own thoughts on the state of American Orthodoxy.

September 17, 2014 Force Your Mind to Descend into the Heart

Bishop Alexander of the Bulgarian Diocese of the OCA gave the Second Annual Meyendorff Lecture at SVOTS on September 14, 2014. The title of his lecture was "Force Your Mind to Descend into the Heart: Some Resemblances between Byzantine Hesychasm and Merkavah Mysticism."

September 14, 2014 Met. Anthony Bloom’s Homily on the Cross

During this week as we venerate the cross of Christ, Fr. Tom Hopko shares a sermon by Met. Anthony Bloom on the cross and our sin.

September 3, 2014 Cosmic Liturgy and the Problems of Human Priesthood

One of the most important theologians working in the Orthodox Church today, Dr. Elizabeth Theokritoff recently lectured at St. Vladimir's Seminary on theological images describing human personhood and our role in creation.