Theodore Bazil


Theodore Bazil

Acting Chief Operating Officer

Planned Gift Officer, CFRE

Senior Advisor for SVS Press

Ted is the most senior member of the management team.  Ted holds a B.S Urban Planning and a minor in Engineering from Michigan State University (1969).  He received his Bachelor of Divinity degree from St. Vladimir’s Seminary in May 1973 and began his employment with the seminary in June 1973. During his career with the Seminary Ted has held many roles including Business Manager, Director of SVS Press, Planned Gifts Officer (which he currently holds), as well as acting Chief Operating Officer.  He directed and was the project manager for construction  of over $20,000.000 in capital improvements and the lead person for the campus expansion.  During  his tenure as the Director of SVS Press, the Press has grown from 2-3 titles to over 500 titles with a million dollars in sales revenue and has always shown a profit.  Ted’s institutional knowledge and experience across all areas of the seminary make him a valuable member of the management team.