M.Div. Equivalency

Academic Portfolio

In order to apply to the D.Min. program without an M.Div., prospective applicants must first submit their academic portfolio to the director of admissions for an M.Div. Equivalency Evaluation. Important Note: The meeting of M.Div. equivalency does not result in the conferral of the M.Div. degree; its sole purpose is to qualify the applicant for admission to the D.Min. program.

Applicants who would like their portfolio to be evaluated must submit the following to the director of admissions:

  • $50 evaluation fee, which will subsequently be applied toward the application fee, should a full application be made;
  • unofficial copies of all of university transcripts;
  • documentation of ministry experience; and
  • documentation of ministry-related educational experiences that the applicant believes may be relevant, e.g. college courses taught, books published, ordination coursework completed.

Equivalency Evaluation

The director of the D.Min. program will evaluate the portfolio and report findings to the applicant directly. Prospective students with 24 semester hours or less of leveling work are invited to proceed with the formal D.Min. application process. "Leveling work" is defined as course work required to meet M.Div. equivalency. The M.Div. Equivalency Evaluation will yield one of three possible results:

  1. Twelve (12) semester hours or less of leveling work. Applicants with 12 semester hours or less of required leveling work may begin the D.Min. program on a provisional basis. Status in the program remains "provisional" until all leveling courses are completed. Once all leveling courses are completed status is changed from "provisional" to "candidate."
  2. 13–24 semester hours of leveling work. Applicants with 13–24 hours of leveling work may proceed with the application process, but they will not be permitted to begin D.Min. program coursework until they have reduced the balance of required leveling work to 12 semester hours or less.
  3. More than 24 semester hours of leveling work. If the applicant needs more than 24 semester hours of leveling work to achieve M.Div. equivalency, he or she is normally considered ineligible for the D.Min. program.

For more information, please contact:
The Rev. Dr. J. Sergius Halvorsen
Program Director
(914) 961-8313 x 367