Student Portfolios

As part of its ongoing self-assessment, St Vladimir’s Seminary requires M.Div. senior students to submit portfolios of their work. Compiled from student essays, sermons, and fieldwork evaluations, these serve as cross-sections of the seminarian’s work and growth. Portfolios are reviewed by the Director of Institutional Assessment and evaluated by an external reviewer at a peer school. (External reviewers are unable to see the student’s name.) In this way the seminary is helped to see how it is measuring up to the outcomes it has established for the M.Div. degree program.

Contents of Portfolio

Submitted by the student:
  1. One essay from a scripture course;
  2. One essay from a church history or patristics course;
  3. One essay from a systematics or liturgical theology course;
  4. One essay from any course;
  5. Student reflection on the following questions: 

» What were your criteria for the essays you chose to submit?
» What were the greatest challenges you faced in your seminary work?
» In what ways have you grown personally and spiritually in your time at the seminary?

Submission Instructions

tudents submit their portfolios electronically, before the date of the student's M.Div. senior oral examination. To anonymize the portfolios for future assessment, each student will remove his or her name from every essay. The student will combine all of his or her documents, with names removed, into one PDF file and will then submit that file to