Conflict Resolution in the Family, and Parish Family

How do you handle conflict in your family, and in your parish family?

That’s the question Michelle Moujaes, founder of FaithTree, addressed at the mid-November gathering of St. Juliana’s Society—our campus women’s fellowship.

Djakonitsa Adrienne Soper, wife of first-year Seminarian Dn. Larry Soper, remarked on Ms. Moujaes’s presentation about conflict resolution, saying, "I was moved by her ability to relay her experience and her wisdom as we ladies enter the world of being married—God-Willing—to future clergymen.

“Michelle's candid, yet, respectful way of lending advice, mixed with reality and humor, was refreshing to me,” continued Djakonitsa Adrienne. “Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in the fear of the future and of the unknown, and speakers like Michelle offer great opportunities to draw hope and strength as we wives prepare for our journey to serve Christ, the church and our husbands."

FaithTree is a ministry of St. Michael Antiochian Orthodox Church in Van Nuys, California. Its educational programs and resources aim to equip Orthodox Christian families to be able to live out their beliefs within their cultural context, by answering questions like: How do I forgive someone? How do I make good choices? How do I care for my body and eat properly? What do the Gospels say about finances and money?

While speaking about conflict resolution to our women’s fellowship, Mrs. Moujaes zeroed in on a crucial area that could either ensure or destroy harmony within a family unit or within a faith community.

“We were thrilled to have Michelle discuss this issue with us,” said Matushka Thekla Hatfield, coordinator of St. Juliana Society. “Her knowledge and training as a Social Worker, coupled with her dedicated struggle to live as a Christian, truly gave us all gems of wisdom that we can use as tools when encountering personal conflict.”

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