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The sixth webinar in the Light of the World Webinar Series is titled “Lighting Your Lamps with the Wise Bridesmaids: a Discussion on Biblical Femininity” It will be co-hosted by Mother Devorah Salamon (M.A. ‘23), and Sister Anastasia Colchester (M.A. ‘23), both members of St Macarius Monastery in Phoenix, AZ, and recent graduates of St Vladimir’s Seminary. 

Mother Devorah and Sister Anastasia each have fascinating backgrounds as former atheists and students of 21st-century feminist theory, who each came to a new understanding of femininity through their individual encounters with Christ in the Orthodox Church. In this presentation, each will share her personal journey into the Orthodox Faith as a woman of our times, and both will introduce their graduate research related to the topic of biblical femininity. This webinar will be held on Thursday, March 28, 2024, from 7:00—8:30 p.m. Eastern, via Zoom livestream.

The online webinar is open to the public and free of cost. It will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel afterward for easy access. Click the button below to register and to receive the Zoom webinar link.

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About the Light of the World Webinar Series: 

This monthly webinar series features speakers from among St Vladimir’s Seminary faculty, alumni, and friends, presenting on a variety of topics while answering a core question:

How are we Christians to be the light of the world?

Drawing inspiration from feedback received through a recent survey we conducted, these webinars aim to address a diverse range of themes related to real and pressing issues facing Orthodox faithful in modern society.