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Screens are everywhere. Christian parents used to worry about movie screens. Then it was TV screens hooked to 100-plus cable TV channels. Then there were computers and computer games. Then came the Internet and everything changed. Then smartphones arrived and everything changed again. There's evidence that this omnipresent screen culture is connectedespecially among the youngto rising statistics for loneliness, anxiety, gender confusion and other issues. Then came the pandemic and church leaders struggled to make peace with digital screens in parish life.

Journalist and mass communications professor Terry Mattingly has been wrestling with these kinds of questions for more than thirty years, including in a seminary context. There are no easy answers. But there are questions Orthodox parents and clergy need to ask, right now.

Join us for an online presentation with Terry Mattingly, professor, journalist, and author of the nationally syndicated “On Religion” column for the Universal syndicate, followed by a discussion and Q&A hosted by Fr. Chad Hatfield, President of St. Vladimir’s Seminary, and St. Vladimir's Professor Dr. John Mark Reynolds, President of The Saint Constantine School and board chair of the Orthodox Christian Leadership Initiative (OCLI).

Hosted by St. Vladimir’s Seminary and the Orthodox Christian Leadership Initiative.