2023 Lenten Retreat

2023 lenten retreat

For two days, seminarians, faculty, and staff at St Vladimir’s Seminary met at Three Hierarchs Chapel to pray together and listen to a series of talks for meditation.

This year, Dr Peter Bouteneff presented a four-part series titled “The Social Self and the Inner Life: Reflections on Communion, Introversion, Extraversion, and Compassion.”

St Vladimir’s Seminary offers you the opportunity to watch all four meditations. Hear how to cultivate compassion and prayer in a community and how to balance your inner life and communion with others. 

We pray each talk will help strengthen your relationship with God, with each other, and with yourself.

Video 1: “I” and “We” in the Church and in the World

Video 2: Lesson from the Monastics on Seclusion and Community

Video 3: Lessons from the Life of Christ on Solitude and Compassion

Video 4: Gifts and Challenges of Diversity in Communion