30 scholarships now available for Pan-Orthodox Music Symposium

Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (SVOTS) is pleased to announce that 30 scholarships are now available to anyone who would like to attend the 2020 Pan-Orthodox Music Symposium, with the theme of “Music as Liturgy,” which will be held as an online event from Thursday, June 11 through Saturday, June 13, 2020. The Symposium is a joint effort and sponsored by the Seminary’s Institute of Sacred Arts and The International Society for Orthodox Church Music (ISOCM).

Each scholarship will cover the complete cost of registration for one Symposium attendee. To download an application, click HEREThe deadline to apply has been extended to May 15. Winners will be announced Friday, May 29.

*(NOTE: Applying for a scholarship will NOT automatically register you for the symposium. Registration for the event should also be completed at orthodoxmusicsymposium.org/registration. Scholarship winners will be reimbursed for any registration costs incurred.)

More scholarships are available due to the transition of the Symposium from an in-person event to an online experience and the reduction of registration costs. Initially, scholarship funding covered the cost of three scholarships.

Exploring the theme of "Music as Liturgy," the Symposium will feature masterclasses, workshops, liturgical worship, and presentations. The Symposium will feature three days of remote singing, engaging dialogue, and learning from experts in the field of liturgical music - and from each other. The 2020 Symposium will provide fellowship and discourse with other directors, hymnographers, composers, singers, chanters, readers, youth directors, church school teachers, musicians, musicologists, and those interested in Orthodox liturgical music.

Join the over 100 people from around the world who have already registered for the Symposium. 

About the Institute of Sacred Arts

The Institute of Sacred Arts at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary explores the intersection of human creativity and holiness. With a theology that is holistic, and a liturgy that unites multiple artistic disciplines and all the human senses, the Orthodox Christian tradition is ripe for the exploration and celebration of the sacred arts. Since its founding in 1938, St. Vladimir’s Seminary has fostered the study of icons, music and liturgy. The Institute of Sacred Arts serves to extend the Seminary’s mission in exploring the mutual relationship between theology and the arts by contributing to the work of people and institutions that practice and reflect on the sacred arts, engaging people and institutions of all backgrounds with Orthodox artistic tradition, and inspiring wider public interest in spirituality and the arts. 

About the International Society for Orthodox Church Music

Founded in 2005, the ISOCM seeks to provide an open platform for musicians, musicologists, singers, and composers that encourages dialogue, the exchange of information and ideas, and inspires cooperation. The Society sees the promotion of communication between East and West as one of its priorities and hosts biannual conferences, at the University of Eastern Finland on its Joensuu campus. The Society also hosts regional symposia and gatherings elsewhere throughout the world to help create opportunities for collaboration and the sharing of knowledge in the field of Orthodox liturgical music. 

For more information about the ISOCM, visit www.isocm.com.