Andrew Geleris explores 'Money & Salvation' in new book

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A new book from Saint Vladimir’s Seminary (SVS) Press, Money & Salvation: An Invitation to the Good Way, explores the deeper spiritual meaning—and necessity—of financial giving.

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"Today many Orthodox Christians, including bishops and priests, feel acutely uncomfortable discussing financial issues in church for a variety of valid historical and pastoral reasons," writes Money & Salvation author Dr. Andrew Geleris. 

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"In contrast to our extreme reluctance to discuss money in church, the Gospels record Jesus teaching far more frequently and intensely about the 'unspiritual' topic of finances than all the 'spiritual' topics that dominate our teaching. Why has such a stunning divergence developed between
our teaching priorities and those of the gospel?" 

This book is an effort to describe why restoring a soul-centric scriptural and patristic phronema to the Church is important and what it might look like. Geleris has included with each chapter a series of discussion questions designed for book clubs, family reading, and church small groups.

Buy a copy online at SVSPress.com or by calling 1-800-204-BOOK (2665).

Andrew Geleris, M.D., is a neurologist in Southern California and a member of St. Raphael of Brooklyn
Antiochian Orthodox Church in Palm Desert. He also serves on the boards of FOCUS North America
and the Orthodox Christian Leadership Initiative.