Church School Program Ends with Field Day

28 April 2012 • On-campus Event

Kids in our campus Church School finished out their program with a celebratory field day—fun games and grilled food capped their year-long learning experience. Second-year seminarian Ashley Lear served as the director of this year's program, which she designed to provide much longer but less frequent learning sessions: focused retreats that included praying, singing, reading, listening, creating, and fellowship. Seminarian Lear was assisted by 3rd-year seminarian Tim Dooley in the endeavor.

"This was the last church school event of the (school) year so I'd like to thank the parents for sending their children and the teachers for their commitment to teach those children," said Seminarian Lear. "We had fun, and I believe the children learned a lot about Jesus and what He has done for us. 

"Personally, I will say that teaching the children has been extremely rewarding," she added. "They've given me so much."

Teachers of this year's program included: Gretchen Dooley, Tim Dooley, Audra Wooten, and seminarians Logan Johnson, Richard Ajalat, Vjekoslav Jovanovic, Dn. Jason Ketz, Pradeep Hatcher, and Jeff Hoff.


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