Dean Offers Presentations at Amsterdam Colloquium and Cairo Seminar

21–27 June 2013 • Off–Campus

Fr. Andrew Louth (photo: Jim Forest)Fr. Andrew Louth (photo: Jim Forest)

Listen to Fr. John's presentation, "Orthodox Theological Education in the Twenty-First Century."

Seminary Dean The Very Rev. Dr. John Behr recently traveled to Vree University (VU) in Amsterdam, Netherlands to participate in the colloquium "Orthodox Diaspora: a Place in–between—a Place of Encounter—a Place for Theology." Hosted by the Amsterdam Centre for Eastern Orthodox Theology, the gathering of scholars explored themes in the newly released title Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology, by The Rev. Dr. Andrew Louth. Father Andrew, professor of Patristic and Byzantine Studies at Durham University, England, is currently visiting professor at VU University Amsterdam and a member of the Dutch Centre for Patristic Research (CPO). He also authored the SVS Press book Greek East and Latin West and is the general editor for SVS Press's The Church in History series. Fr. John Behr at Amsterdam colloquium (photo: Jim Forest)Fr. John Behr at Amsterdam colloquium (photo: Jim Forest)

The Anaphora InstituteThe Anaphora InstituteFrom Holland Fr. John then journeyed to Cairo, Egypt, as the guest of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria, to participate in the  "Theological and Ecclesiastical Institutes Seminar," which was called by His Holiness to explore a diverse range of topics, including: the role of monasteries in theological education; the spiritual formation of theological students; methods and means of instruction; and the history of religious institutions in the Coptic tradition. Held at the Anaphora Institute, a retreat and training center near the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria, the seminar featured talks by eminent Coptic bishops, clergy, and scholars. Father John presented the topic, "Orthodox Theological Education in the Twenty-First Century."

"It's been a joy to be able to participate in summer conferences this year in Italy, Amsterdam, and Cairo," noted Fr. John. "I have been engaged on a scholarly level in each venue, certainly, but beyond that, participating in each conference has allowed me to represent St. Vladimir's Seminary. I have been reminded once again of the impact the Seminary continues to have in Orthodox communities abroad."