Dr. Paul Meyendorff Awarded Honorary Doctorate in Paris, France

10 February 2013 • Faculty News

Dr. Meyendorff receives his honorary doctorateDr. Meyendorff receives his honorary doctorateAlexander Schmemann Professor of Liturgical Theology Dr. Paul Meyendorff journeyed to Paris, France in early February to receive a doctorate in theology, honoris causa, awarded by the St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute in Paris, France. The academic convocation in Paris was chaired by His Eminence Emmanuel (Adamakis), metropolitaDr. Meyendorff offers his remarks at St. Sergius in ParisDr. Meyendorff offers his remarks at St. Sergius in Parisn of France (Ecumenical Patriarchate), and led by The Very Rev. Nicholas Ozoline, dean of the Institute.

The citation, pronounced by Professor of Liturgical Theology Dr. André Lossky, highlighted a theme consistently present in Dr. Meyendorff's many published works, that of the ecclesial dimension of liturgical worship. He also stressed Dr. Meyendorff's active role in the life of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), and especially his ecumenical work, in which he has for many years been an effective representative of Orthodoxy to Western Christians. Currently, Dr. Meyendorff serves on the North American Orthodox–Catholic Theological Consultation, and is a frequent consultant to the OCA's Office of Interchurch Relations and Ecumenical Witness.

In his response, Dr. Meyendorff expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the long personal and spiritual L to R: Fr. Vladimir Yagello, Serge Schmemann, Dr. Paul MeyendorffL to R: Fr. Vladimir Yagello, Serge Schmemann, Dr. Paul Meyendorffconnection between St. Sergius and St. Vladimir's Seminary. Father Georges Florovsky taught at St. Sergius before coming to America, and Frs. Alexander Schmemann and John Meyendorff both studied and taught at the Paris Institute before coming to St. Vladimir's in the 1950's. The strong spiritual link between the two schools is evident in their common emphasis on the centrality of the eucharist, which has led to a strong eucharistic revival in Orthodox churches throughout the world. 

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