Eight Prospective Students Attend Open House

Despite Winter Storm Stella dumping nearly 2 feet of snow and ice on our campus on the first day of our Spring Open House, eight prospective students were able to brave the weather and attend the event, March 15–17, 2017.

During their 3-day stay, our visiting inquirers were fully integrated into our seminarians’ regular routine—attending classes and chapel services and sharing meals with the seminarians and their families. They also met with our President, Dean, administrators, and faculty (discussing everything from degree programs to financial aid to spiritual life), and had special tours of the library and chapel. View the full schedule here.

One of the highlights of their stay was hearing from first-year Seminarian Deacon Larry Soper, who candidly, humorously, and soberly shared his seminary experience with them.

“I didn't have a ‘rehearsed’ speech in mind,” said Dn. Larry, but I decided I would tell them what my previous 24 hours were like. As I recounted my schedule for them, I realized that ‘for as much as is given to us here at Saint Vladimir's, much is required,’ to paraphrase the Gospel! (Luke 12.48)

“I detailed my day, which started early with morning Matins and then proceeded to a scheduled class (typically, with assignments due or testing to be done), to afternoon study, to evening Vespers, and then to choir rehearsal, and finally, to my community service chore,” he explained. “Of course, not every day is that packed, but often, a day at St. Vladimir's can be rigorous.”

Deacon Larry further emphasized to the visitors that “a ‘calling’ to seminary requires commitment,” which necessitates a daily personal examination to assure authenticity and integrity in approaching that commitment.

“By no means do I ever have a perfect day with perfect effort,” he told the would-be seminarians. “But, as I long as I am true to the commitment of the journey, each day becomes an opportunity for spiritual and personal growth, not only in the classroom but also in my everyday life.

“You must be prepared to be tested, to face adversity and to be fully committed to serve Christ and your peers if you come to Saint Vladimir's,” he told prospective students. “And, being part of a community that serves and is responsible to one another, while employing Christian principles, certainly helps.”

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