Experiencing the Transfiguration: Mother Miriam offers meditations during Lenten Retreat

11-12 March 2019 • On Campus

On the first two days of Great Lent, the community of St. Vladimir’s Seminary entered into its annual Lenten Retreat.

On Clean Monday and Tuesday, classes were cancelled and students were encouraged to practice silence. The community entered the chapel together several times each day for a fuller cycle of prayers and for a series of talks for meditation.

This year, the meditations were delivered by Mother Miriam, CSM, the Mother Superior of the Anglican Community of St. Mary the Virgin, near Albany, NY. Mother Miriam was the last sister in her community to be trained as a novice by Protopresbyter Thomas Hopko (+2015) forty years ago.

Her four talks were centered on the theme “Experiencing the Transfiguration: Glory and Trinitarian Action with Christ.”

“I want to share with you as much of the awe and partial—always partial—understanding that God has granted me, and pray that He will give you that moment on the mountain that will bring profound understanding to your own relationship with God that Jesus had at His Transfiguration,” said Mother Miriam, as she began her first meditation.

Listen to each of Mother Miriam’s four meditations in their entirety below.

  • First address: Trinitarian interaction with the Second Adam: Messianic Themes Woven in the Baptism, Transfiguration, and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  • Second address: The Transfiguration's Impact on Peter, James and John.
  • Third address: The Transfiguration's Message for Later Readers of Scripture.
  • Fourth address: The Results of the Lenten Journey to Resurrection: Eucharistic Being with God our Father as Adopted Sons Through Christ.