New book profiles “father of a nation” Patriarch Daniel

New Patriarch Daniel Book

Few in the West realize that the second-largest Orthodox Church in the world is in Romania, and fewer still know the remarkable story of her recent past. Now, SVS Press is giving English-speaking readers a chance to learn more about the central figure of the Romanian Church’s rebuilding: Patriarch Daniel.

The new book, Patriarch Daniel: Rebuilding Orthodoxy in Romania, details how—after suffering the horrors of Communist persecution—the life of the Church there is once again flourishing. But many complexities and difficulties had to be overcome in order to reestablish and strengthen Church life—not only in outward building projects, but in fostering the inward spiritual growth of the faithful. At the center of all these important tasks we find Patriarch Daniel. In this book, the latest entry in SVS Press’s Orthodox Profiles Series, readers will learn about his life and encounter his own words as he addresses the challenges and the opportunities that face us today.

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“One of Romania’s scholars and theologians, he has brought a vision, or strategic plan, that has guided the rebuilding of the patriarchate at every level. Nothing has been overlooked,” said St. Vladimir’s Seminary President Very Rev. Dr. Chad Hatfield, the editor of the Profiles Series.  

“The goal of this book is to introduce this dynamic ‘father of a nation’ to the English-speaking world. The accomplishments of his ongoing patriarchal ministry are so extensive that this book can only give a small sample of his leadership.”

Patriarch Daniel can be purchased online, at SVSPress.com, or by calling 1-800-204-BOOK (2665).