Newly published Florovsky talks, contemporary theological discussions featured in latest SVTQ

St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly New Volume

Saint Vladimir's Seminary (SVS) Press has released the first double issue of the St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly (SVTQ) of 2021.

Volume 65, Nos. 1-2 opens with three incisive articles that deal with contemporary theological questions. Mario Baghos articulates an Orthodox theological perspective on the historical-critical “quest for the historical Jesus.” Eugenia Torrance takes on the presupposition that the Christian dogma of a bodily resurrection is untenable on scientific and theological grounds, and the ensuing weakening or even denial of the continuity between our earthly bodies and our eschatological constitution in some strands of Christian theology (e.g., Rahner and Bulgakov). Finally, Fr. Christopher Knight provides a critical discussion of whether and to what extent natural theology conducted within the frame of the analytic philosophy of religion may be appropriated by Orthodox theological tradition.

St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly Cover

There follows Bogdan-Gabriel Drăghici’s very large and substantial study of the medieval polemics, on matters of both orthodoxy and, especially, orthopraxy, between Chalcedonian Byzantine and non-Chalcedonian Syriac writers. We then return to the present with a very timely article by Dn. Nicholas Denysenko, which, on Fr. Alexander Schmemann’s centennial, provides a review and assessment of his legacy of liturgical renewal in North America, and suggests an agenda for continuing this enterprise. The double issue concludes with the text of two, as yet unpublished, talks given by Fr. Georges Florovsky in 1968 (“Russian Philosophy at the Turn of the Century” and “The Renewal of Russian Theology—Florensky, Bulgakov, and the Others: On the Way to a Christian Philosophy”). For his work of editing and introducing these texts, the SVTQ editorial team hereby expresses special gratitude to Paul Ladouceur. 

The Book Reviews section has been steadily increasing in size and provides substantial presentations of some significant new publications: Ciprian Costin Apintiliesei, La structure ontologique-communionnelle de la personne: Aux sources théologiques et philosophiques du Père Dumitru Stăniloae. Leuven: Peeters, 2020 (R. Bordeianu); Nikolaos Loudovikos, Analogical Identities: The Creation of the Christian SelfBeyond Spirituality and Mysticism in the Patristic Era. Turnhout: Brepols, 2019 (G. Kapriev); Orthodox Christian Perspectives on War. Edited by P.T. Hamalis and V.A. Karras. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2017 (T. Cuneo); A. Edward Siecienski, The Papacy and the Orthodox: Sources and History of a Debate. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017 (G. Gilbert); Aleksandr Tsygankov and Tereza Obolevich/Teresa Obolevitch, Gollandskii epizod v filosofskoi biografii S. L. Franka (novye mate­rialy), Moscow: Institut filosofii RAN, 2020 (R.F. Slesinski).

The next double issue of the Quarterly, Nos. 3-4, is scheduled for release in December of 2021. 

St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly has remained in continuous publication for nearly seventy years. The Quarterly is a double-blind peer-reviewed theological journal whose editorial team draws upon the broad and deep theological expertise of an advisory board consisting of twenty notable Orthodox theologians from the United States, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, France, Romania, and Russia. The editorial team is comprised of Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ionuț-Alexandru Tudorie, academic dean and professor of church history at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary; Editors the Rev. Dr. Bogdan Bucur, associate professor of patristics and Dr. Vitaly Permiakov, assistant professor of liturgical theology; and the Rev. Ignatius Green, editor & production manager of SVS Press. 

The Quarterly is published biannually as two double volumes.

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