SVS Press publishes workbook for Building an Orthodox Marriage

Building an Orthodox Marriage Workbook Announcement

The new Workbook Companion to SVS Press’s Building an Orthodox Marriage should prove invaluable for couples preparing for marriage and those who provide premarital counseling.

Building an Orthodox Marriage: A Workbook Companion, by Gregory J. Abdalah, serves as a helpful supplement to Building an Orthodox Marriage: A Practical Commentary on the Eastern Orthodox Marriage Rite, authored by Bishop John (Abdalah) and Nicholas G. Mamey. The Workbook enables pastors and couples to get more out of Building an Orthodox Marriage, and helps them see more clearly how to apply the theological principles and teachings of the Church in the particular circumstances of their own lives.

About Building an Orthodox Marriage
Building an Orthodox Marriage offers sage counsel that is both practical and grounded in the teaching of the Church, as found in Scripture, tradition, and the marriage service itself. The coauthors bring their knowledge and experience to the aid of readers: Bishop John (Abdalah) distills his insights from his many years of marriage and pastoral guidance, as well as from the teaching of Fr Alexander Schmemann; Nicholas G. Mamey contributes his perspective as a newly married man. Together, they take readers on a journey that prepares them to understand marriage, the “great mystery” that is an icon of “Christ and his Church” (Eph 5:32).

The authors first establish the theological background needed to understand marriage in an accessible way. They then examine and explain the rich prayers and the liturgical actions of the wedding service, and conclude the book with pastoral guidance to help couples build their marriages securely on the only foundation that cannot be shaken, our Lord Jesus Christ.

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