In Trust Magazine Features SVS Press

In Trust, the quarterly magazine published by the Association of Boards in Theological Education, has featured St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press (SVS Press) in its Summer 2017 issue. The article, titled, “St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press: a case study in mission-driven publishing,” by Matt Forster, occupies a 2-page, full-color spread in the magazine’s print edition.

Mr. Forster said he had felt drawn to write about SVS Press ever since he had attended a Board of Trustees meeting on the seminary campus several years back, accompanied by the publisher of In Trust, Jay Blossom. He explained, “Although I was familiar with SVS Press because of its Popular Patristics series, I was not prepared for how much the press actually puts out into the world!”

In his article, Mr. Forster states, “The press meets an important need in the Orthodox community, and it has become the face of St. Vladimir’s Seminary to many outside Orthodoxy. [Read the full article online here.]

In fiscal year 2017 the press topped $1M in sales and published 20 new titles. Recently released this summer were 7 volumes:

  1. Exodus: St John Maximovitch Leads His Flock out of Shanghai (Orthodox Profiles, Vol. 9), by John B. Dunlop: Translations of previously unpublished primary resources—letters, memoirs, interviews, and newspaper articles from key figures and eyewitnesses—record the journey of then Father John Maximovitch and his émigré flock from Shanghai, to the Philippines, and onward to the U.S.
  2. Touch and the Healing of the World, by Dr. Daniel Hinshaw: A practicing physician and consultant in Palliative Care Medicine explores the simple yet profound healing power of touch, drawing on a wide range of sources: from icons, church fathers, and Scripture, to recent findings in modern medicine.
  3. The Wedding in Cana: The Power and Purpose of the First Sign of Jesus Christ, by Fr. George Koshy: The author offers 12 mediations on different aspects of the scriptural recounting of Jesus’ miracle at the Marriage of Cana in Galilee (Jn 2.11).
  4. Metaphysics as a Personal Adventure: Christos Yannaras in Conversation with Norman Russell, by Norman Russell and Christos Yannaras: An erudite 21st-century thinker offers an integrated vision, in which philosophy, theology, and even political discourse become vehicles to discern knowledge, truth, and salvation in Christ.
  5. Churchianity vs. Christianity, by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom: One of the most prominent Orthodox voices of the modern world challenges readers to move beyond mere “Churchianity”—a word coined by C.S. Lewis—to a true and living faith, in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  6. Christianity and the Roman Empire from Nero to Theodosius, by Paul Allard: The author presents details of the official persecution of Christians in the first four centuries of the early church, and poses a theory to explain its cause.
  7. After God: Morality and Bioethics in a Secular Age, by H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.: This volume provides a hopeful spark of light within what appears to be a dark prophetic vision—a light to which believers may turn, as church and society clash over cultural, religious, political, and social tenets.

The success of SVS Press this past year was in part due to a generous, unprecedented major gift that established an endowment for the press in January 2017. A percentage of the endowment’s proceeds now annually help the press expand its acquisitions by supporting editorial and marketing efforts. The press’s success, said Priest Ignatius Green, who is Production & Rights Manager and Editor at SVS Press, also continues to depend on smaller gifts, particularly subventions, which can propel either an individual volume or a series of volumes toward the light of day.

Currently, remarked Fr. Ignatius, SVS Press is welcoming subventions for the translation of a 6-volume set by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokalamsk, bearing the series title, “Jesus Christ: His Life and Teaching.” Also, noted Fr. Ignatius, the press has already published 4 of the 5 volumes of Metropolitan Hilarion’s previous 5-volume “Orthodox Christianity” series, and is now seeking a subvention for the fifth volume. The press will also be seeking subventions in the future for a new edition of the very popular volume by Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann, For the Life of the World, as well as a book titled, Monasticism in Egypt, and a book of meditations on the Holy Week services in the Orthodox Church. (Potential sponsors of subventions may contact Fr. Ignatius directly: ignatius@svots.edu or 914.961.8313 x317.)

Browse full descriptions of SVS Press’s most recent releases here.