Wrap It Up! Wives' Group Ends Semester with Holiday Flair

05 December 2011 • On-campus Event • St. Juliana Society

St. Juliana Society members display their handiwork.St. Juliana Society members display their handiwork.Our seminary wives' group, the St. Juliana Society, wrapped up its fall semester activities with a how-to in Christmas wreath-making. Tanya Penkrat, who is the Special Events Coordinator here at St. Vladimir's and a former florist, instructed the women in creating holiday decor, using fresh (and free!) branches cut from the variety of evergreens that adorn the seminary grounds. The fun session capped a semester of twice-monthly get-togethers, which ranged in nature from the practical to the sublime: everything from engaging with a panel of "PKs" (i.e., "Priests' Kids") to reflecting upon the art of prayer.

Matushka Thekla Hatfield, who coordinates the group, remarked upon this past Matushka Thekla receives a topiary, as a thank-you on behalf of the wives, from Katie Bozeman.Matushka Thekla receives a topiary, as a thank-you on behalf of the wives, from Katie Bozeman.semester's topics, saying, "According to feedback given by the wives, it was a very satisfactory and beneficial semester. They are all pleased with the direction in which the society is moving and are looking forward to the spring semester programs."

After the session on holiday decorating, the group expressed its enthusiasm and thanks to Matushka Thekla for her efforts by presenting her with a topiary.

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