Khouria Krista West: Author, Tailor, Podcaster

Is beauty within the Church optional or essential? What are the origins of Orthodox Christian liturgical vestments, and what is their significance? Khouria Krista West explores the fascinating and colorful world of liturgical vesture in the first comprehensive book on this topic in the English language,  the SVS Press book The Garments of Salvation. In the Fall of 2014, Khouria visited St. Vladimir's for several days, where she spoke to the St. Juliana Society.

Remarked seminarian spouse Jillian Rettig, "When Khouria Krista West spoke to St. Juliana's Society, she illumined our understanding of vestments and the role of beauty within the Church. Interestingly, she spoke about Orthodox vestments running on a color scheme from bright to dark, matte to brilliant, and noted that we have open to us more options as far as color than we currently use.

"She laid out for us tips for vestment care to prolong the life of the garments," continued Jillian, "and shared with us about her business and personal skills. In general, we were enlightened theologically as well as practically, while being entranced be her wit and amiable personality."

Khouria Krista's designs may be found in Orthodox churches of every major jurisdiction in North America as well as numerous countries throughout the world. An avid scholar of the history and construction techniques of Eastern Orthodox ecclesiastical vesture, she writes and lectures on the topic in her Ancient Faith Radio podcast, The Opinionated Tailor. She is the wife of Fr. Alban West, rector of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Portland, OR, and the mother of three daughters.