Madre Ivonne of Hogar Orphanage Speaks to St. Juliana Society

By Jillian Rettig, wife of 2nd-year seminarian Will

"I am married too, to Christ," began Madre (Mother) Ivonne of the Hogar Rafael Ayau orphanage in Guatamala. Madre was visiting the seminary for a week in September, and on the evening of September 29, she presented her life and work to the women of the St. Juliana's Society. In her lively and engaging presentation, she spoke of the unfortunate situation of adoptions being closed in her country, and of the several thousand orphans and neglected children she and the other sisters have taken in over the years they have been administrators at the home for youth.

Miracles of spiritual and physical healing happen every day at the Hogar, which in the last few years has moved from a dangerous city neighborhood to a beautiful countryside location on a lake. Our own chancellor and his wife, Fr. Chad and Matushka Thekla Hatfield, have been supporters and visitors to the orphange for many years, and Fr. Chad has led mission teams from St. Vladimir's to the Hogar.

In closing,  Madre Ivonne encouraged the women to pray for the ministry and if possible, to visit in person, since the children love the missionaries who come.

Learn more about the work of Hagar Rafael Ayau on their website, or through the Friends of the Hogar.