Expenses for M.A. Program

NOTE: The table below represents expenses for the Master of Arts program for the General Theological Studies, Theological Scholarship and Research, and Sacred Arts degree concentrations. To view expenses for the M.A. Concentration in Orthodox Christian Leadership Studies, click here.


Single student in dormitory Married student in apartment Married student with children in apartment
Educational Expenses      
Registration $340 $340 $340
Room & Board $7900 n/a n/a
Student Activities $320 $320 $320
Technology Fee $200 $200 $200
Tuition $13000 $13000 $13000
Additional Expenses      
Books & Supplies $800 $800 $800
Food (nine months) n/a $5000 $7800
Rent (nine months) n/a $9090 $9090
Transportation (nine months) $900 $1350 $1800
Utilities (nine months) n/a $900 $900
Total (nine months) $23460 $31000* $34250*

*Married students living in a seminary apartment are responsible for paying rent from the day they move into the apartment until the day they move out. Therefore, when preparing a budget, students should make provision for rental, grocery, and transportation expenses during the summer months in addition to the totals shown above.