Fees & Estimated Expenses

Charges for tuition, fees, and room & board are due and payable at the beginning of each semester. Full-time students may make arrangements with the Chief Financial Officer to pay these fees in installments, subject to a finance charge, the first of which installment is due at the beginning of the semester. All accounts must be paid in full for the previous term before the student is permitted to register for a new semester. If payment or other satisfactory arrangements have not been made by the end of the second week of the semester, the student will not be permitted to attend classes until payment or other arrangements have been made. All seminary, library, and bookstore accounts must be paid in full, or satisfactory arrangements for payment must be made, before any degree, transcript, or degree verification will be issued.

If a student withdraws from the seminary during the semester under circumstances permitting a refund, then eligible fees will be refunded on the basis of an official withdrawal date and in accordance with the seminary’s refund policy and schedule (see Refund Policy).

Tuition and fees are set annually by the Board of Trustees and are subject to change at the Board’s discretion. Tuition, fees, and estimates of other expenses for the following academic year are posted online each year in early February.

Enrollment Deposit

$500 (non-refundable enrollment deposit applied toward tuition and fees)

Full-Time Tuition


$6500 (per semester, 46 courses [12–18 credits])
$1625 (per course in excess of 6 courses [18 credits])

Full-Time Limited Program Tuition

$6500 (per semester, 3 courses [9 credits])

Part-Time Tuition

$1625 (per course [3 credits])

Audit Fee

$500 (per course[3 credits])

Continuation Registration Fee

$525 (per semester of continuation registration)

Registration Fees


$170 (per semester, waived for continuation registration)
$30 (per course, auditor)
$50 (late registration, degree candidates only)

Student Activities Fee

$160 (per semester, degree candidates in residential degree programs)

Technology Fee

$100 (per semester, waived for continuation registration)

Application Fees

$125 (late application, after June 1)

Change of Program Fee


Diploma Replacement Fee


Equivalency Evaluation Fee

$50 (applied toward subsequent application fee)

Thesis Printing Fee

$100 (as required)

Transcript Fee


$10 (per transcript, processed in 5–10 business days and sent by normal mail. Students who request expedited processing will be charged the cost of special mailing.)

Accommodations for Onsite Visit

$475 (per visit, when staying on campus)

Apartment Rent*

$885–$1,105 (per month, depending on apartment)

Board (dormitory)

$2360 (per semester)

Room (dormitory)**

$1590 (per semester)

*All apartment residents are responsible for a refundable security deposit of $1500. The deposit, minus damages and/or unpaid rent, is refunded when the student vacates the apartment. Moving from one apartment to another or from dormitory to apartment requires a new security deposit.

**All dormitory residents are responsible for a refundable security deposit of $350. The deposit, minus damages, is refunded when the student vacates the dormitory. Moving from one dormitory room to another or from apartment to dormitory requires a new security deposit.