Alumnus Fr Aetios (Nikiforos), Athens Emeritus Prof. Delikostantis visit SVOTS

The visitors with SVOTS professors and staff at Three Hierarchs Chapel
Pictured: (Back, left to right) Dr. Ionut-Alexandru Tudorie and Dr. John Barnet; (Front, left to right) Mr. Alexandru Popovici, Fr. Aetios (Nikiforos), Fr. Chad Hatfield, Dr. Konstantinos Delikostantis, and Dr. Peter Bouteneff

On Friday, St. Vladimir's Seminary warmly welcomed to campus Very Rev. Grand Ecclesiarch Aetios (Nikiforos) and University of Athens Professor of Religion Emeritus Dr. Konstantinos Delikostantis. The two guests are in the country traveling with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on His All-Holiness's apostolic visit to the United States.

The distinguished guests met with seminary faculty and staff and toured the chapel and library. Father Aetios and Dr. Delikostantis were particularly impressed by the work happening in the Fr. Georges Florovsky Library. They also discussed the possibility of more seminarians from the Ecumenical Patriarchate studying at St. Vladimir's in the future.

Father Aetios graduated from St. Vladimir's Seminary in 2018 as class valedictorian, and was made grand ecclesiarch of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in November 2019 by His All-Holiness in Istanbul, Turkey. Father Aetios also directs the Private Patriarchal Office of His All-Holiness.

Dr. Delikostantis taught comparative religion and philosophy of religion at the University of Florina from 19902001. That year, he took up a position at the University of Athens to teach systematic theology. Dr. Delikostantis is the author of many articles and books on theology, philosophy, education, and culture. He currently serves as director of the First Patriarchal Office of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.