St Vladimir’s Board of Trustees continues expansion planning for the future

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The Board of Trustees of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (SVOTS) continues to move forward with its plans to relocate the seminary campus away from its current location in Yonkers, NY. (See previous press release.)

At its most recent meeting last month on campus (May 2022), the board decided to conduct more due diligence before selecting the relocation site. It also reached consensus on a multi-phase approach, which will include additional data gathering and needs assessments, along with pre-architectural development, design, bidding, contracting, construction, and plans for post-relocation operation.

The board’s Planning Committee and seminary staff have accomplished a significant amount of work since the board met last November, including the creation and approval of a five-year vision document.

“We’re excited about the future, and our plans to expand represent a monumental undertaking,” said Dn. Michael Hyatt, the board's executive chair. “We believe careful planning is essential if we’re going to be successful in educating enough clergy to meet the future needs of the Church. Therefore, it’s important we measure twice and cut once.”

At the meeting, the trustees also discussed the need for continued transparency and involvement of the seminary’s key constituents, including hierarchs, clergy, alumni, faculty, staff, and donors. The trustees expressed gratitude for the many communications they have already received from the seminary's constituents and welcome those in the future.

As the process continues, the trustees and administration will make presentations to the various Orthodox jurisdictions represented in the student body. This includes a commitment to keeping the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) fully apprised of its plans as they unfold.

SVOTS President Fr. Chad Hatfield asked the public for its continued prayers for the seminary and the relocation project.

“This is not simply about ‘relocation’,” said Fr. Chad. “This is about expansion. The Church—and the world—need more from St. Vladimir’s: more clergy, more teachers, more choir directors, more writers, more chaplains, and so many other vocations; more Orthodox publications and resources, more academic programs, and more ways to accommodate SVOTS’ incredibly diverse, pan- and inter-Orthodox student body.”

SVOTS will release more information to the public about the campus expansion project in the coming weeks.