St Vladimir's Seminary Celebrates 60 Years of Clean Financial Audits


In a notable milestone, the 2023 financial audit of St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (SVOTS) marked 60 years of consistently clean financial audits, a testament to its ongoing commitment to transparency and fiscal responsibility.

Ever since its first financial audit at its current campus in 1963, St Vladimir's Seminary administrators and trustees have made every effort to uphold the highest standards of financial integrity, working to earn the trust of its stakeholders and the broader community. 

"We are thrilled to mark this significant achievement in our institutional history. The 60 years of clean financial audits underscore our ongoing commitment to fiscal responsibility and accountability," said the Very Rev. Dr Chad Hatfield, SVOTS President. "This milestone reflects the hard work and dedication of our staff, faculty, and leadership who have consistently upheld the values that define our institution."

SVOTS Chief Financial Officer Andrew Schachtner remarked, “Our commitment to financial transparency plays a pivotal role in sustaining the trust and confidence of donors, alumni, and the wider community.” As it celebrates this achievement, St Vladimir's Seminary reaffirms its pledge to continue fostering a culture of responsible financial management and transparency as it serves its mission of providing exceptional education and spiritual formation.