Types of Transcripts

St. Vladimir's Seminary provides two types of transcripts. Official transcripts, bearing the seminary seal and the Registrar's signature, are released upon the student's request to other institutions or agencies as confidential information. Current students may also request, in writing, that unofficial transcripts (grade reports) be sent electronically to ecclesiastical or educational sponsors. All transcripts must include the entire academic record; no partial or incomplete statements of record will be issued as transcripts.


1. Official Transcripts. Requests for official transcripts must be signed and mailed or emailed to Gabrielle Russin, Registrar. The fee is $10 per transcript. Transcripts are normally processed in 5-7 business days and sent by normal mail, unless “pick up” or expedited delivery is requested. Students who request expedited processing will also be charged the cost of special mailing.
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Note: Transcripts will not be issued, however, until the student has met all outstanding financial obligations to the seminary.

2. Unofficial Transcripts (Grade Reports). Current students may access a copy of their grade report through MyCampus []. Alumni should contact Gabrielle Russin to have their unofficial transcript sent to them. Current students may also request that grade reports be sent electronically each semester to ecclesiastical or educational sponsors. Requests for grade reports must be signed and submitted to Gabrielle Russin, Registrar. There is no fee to send grade reports.
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